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Are Home-buyer reviews part of your due diligence?

Just to share a few of the letters and messages that we received in the last few days following the completion of the Easton development in West Coquitlam. I know that I check on- line reviews for almost every major purchase. Think about it. Trip Advisor for hotels restaurants. Consumer reports for autos and appliances etc etc. Do you consider reviews as key influencers in your purchase decisions? I do. 

Congratulations to all the new homeowners at Easton and thank you for sharing your experience at Easton.

"…moving into the unit has been a treat. The unit was completed up to such a high standard. Even my extreme perfectionism could only find a couple very,very  minor flaws which were corrected extremely quickly. Our unit is now perfect. We could not be happier with our decision to buy at Easton". Kate and Kyle 22 Nov2013

"…My wife and I were talking the other night about how smoothly everything has gone. ..It always felt that our concerns became their number one priority,which,in my opinion,is fantastic customer service . Its been an absolute blessing and joy to purchase from you and to meet such wonderful people along the way." Michael and Elise 29 Nov 2013

"I personally wanted to thank you Howard for facilitating the bank mortgage for us . It made a world of difference. We're really happy with the condo and wthe high quality throughout and I just wanted to say thanks again."  Brendan 15 Nov2013